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Turkey's first fantastic-vampire tv serie for Blu TV Turkey.

Co-produced with Ran Film, Braveborn and Istanbul74.

Music Video for the Turkish rap star Ezhel directed by Alphan Eşeli, produced by Ömer Özyılmazel.

Promo for our debut TV serie " YASAMAYANLAR : Vampire Story in Istanbul " will be aired on Blu TV.

The human soul is the arena where the forces of the evil and the luminous forces of humanity clash. This inner struggle between two poles summarizes the duality of our substance that is embodied in Mia, a lonely female vampire cursed with immortality. Mia resembles us humans, in the sense that she is in a restless effort to reconcile the predator and the prey within. She is chained to live in the night that befalls on her humanity for eternity and is weak enough to become a victim of her own desires.


Under The Radar follows a group of 15-28 years olds living in various cities in Turkey. Their common interest is rap music besides their daily work and family lives. It introduces us to

'hip-hop' growing as a street subculture in the ever-changing

youth environment and the new dynamics of Turkey's rap scene.


Three part series directed by Caglar Kanzik

Bubi Film and Alphan Eseli's debut feature The Long Way Home is set on the outskirts of Eastern Anatolia in the winter of 1915 WWI.

The film follows a group of seven people from different walks of life on their quest to escape the war zone and find a safe path back home.

Co-produced with Bocek Yapim and Mars Entertainment; film won the International Federation of Film Critics' Fipresci AwardGolden Zenith Award for Best First Fiction Feature film from the 37th Montreal World Film Festival, and the New Talent Award for Best First Feature Film from the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival. Furthermore, The Long Way Home was nominated for the Sutherland Trophy at the 57th BFI London Film Festival.

Also won Best Music, Best Art Direction, Best Acting, Best Director of Photography and Special Jury and Auidance Awards from Adana Film Festival and Malatya Film Festival in Turkey.

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